CorpoMetrics™ develops and offers innovative evaluation services, which are relevant and reliable for each individual body condition. This framework is available for personal and professional usage as Well-being, textile industry or custom made items. The set of measurements are grouped together in a processed report providing a comprehensive view of one's physiology and size proportions including :

The external size measurements include: waistline, hips, shoulders, biceps/triceps, and thighs.
The segmental body composition: % fat mass, % muscular mass, % water mass, according to the various parts of the body (arm, torso, legs).

Our global service provide great capabilities related to body measurement :

• Improve patients/customer's body assessment.
• Follow your body evolution, in an efficient and scientific manner.
• Build a set of customer data that allow to propose best-in-class training.
• Launch testing campaigns on a group population with a defined protocol.
• Study the impact of nutrition awareness on their staff/or on a population category.
• Make measurements campaigns for uniforms manufacturing or specialized custom-made outfits.
• Make it easy and efficient the design and purchase of clothing, adapted to your body shape.

CorpoMetrics tablet application    CorpoMetrics 3D Matrix


Should you need guidance related to your body status ? Come and test our body monitoring units and toolset ! You will receive advices from our professionals specialized in chiropractic, nutrition and well-being.